A proven engagement and delivery system coupled with a team that has a diverse skillset and PMs who have done extensive business in the US and Europe gets you experience and quality, now!


The engagement typically begins with us telling you about our background, success stories and skills and finding out more about your business, your unique project needs and your goals for the engagement.


We deep dive into the project requirements with you, often helping with the requirements documentation. Deliverables at the end of this phase include requirements docs and project plans.


We begin the implementation process, starting with design and architecture and ending up with software that is functionally complete and can be QA’s. Deliverables at the end of this phase include design docs, UML and release candidate software.


Systems-level quality assurance kicks in and the Dev and QA teams iteratively improve release candidates until we are ready to release. The deliverable at the end of this phase is the release-ready product.


If the project is SoA of SaaS oriented, or has sophisticated components that it integrates within the enterprise, this process is where the actual deployment happened and the product is ready to be accessed by users. We can optionally include support services to help end-users with the deployed product.


It’s all about continuous improvement! Based on the needs of the client, we carefully monitor software performance and pay special attention to customer and end-user feedback to document future requirements and continue to refine the product.